Jon HansonJon Hanson – Executive Director:  Jon Hanson is the Alan A. Stone Professor of Law and the co-founder and Executive Director of the Systemic Justice Project at Harvard Law School. Hanson graduated from Yale Law School in 1990, clerked for Judge José A. Cabranes, spent one year as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Yale Law School, and then joined the faculty at Harvard Law School in 1992. His teaching and scholarship melds social psychology, social cognition, economics, history, and law. Hanson’s recent scholarship includes the book, Ideology, Psychology, and Law (Oxford University Press). He is currently working on two broad projects. The first is devoted to understanding the role of implicit motives in shaping political ideology, policy attitudes, and law. The second (with Jacob Lipton) attempts to reimagine law, the legal profession, and legal education in ways that would help them better achieve systemic justice. Hanson has received several teaching awards and is the faculty leader for 1L Section Six. He lives in Harvard, Massachusetts with his wife, Kathleen Hanson, and their three children, Emily, Erin, and Ian.

04_17_15_Jacob-Lipton_LGranger001optimized-1024x683 2Jacob Lipton – Co-Founder: Jacob co-founded the Systemic Justice Project with Jon Hanson in 2014, and was Program Director from 2014-2020. He is now the Associate Director of the Justice Catalyst, and can be reached at

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