Writing About Justice

Writing about Justice

  • Jon Hanson with Jacob Lipton
  • Spring 2015 Seminar
  • Meets: M 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • 2 classroom credits

This seminar focuses on the important psychological, historical, economic, political, and legal sources of systemic injustice. Students will take an active role in planning and implementing the seminar. They will be expected to prepare readings, write substantial papers, and comment upon and edit other students’ papers. One goal of the seminar will be to create a collection of chapters or articles for eventual publication.

Prerequisites: Participation is by permission only, and students must have previously taken Torts or Corporations with Professor Hanson. To apply, please send a brief statement of interest to hanson@law.harvard.edu and jlipton@law.harvard.edu. Please include the words “Justice Seminar” in the subject line.

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